About IAP

The Israeli Association for Psychotherapy was established in 1973
by a group of senior psychotherapy professionals including: psychiatrists, clinical social workers, and clinical psychologists

:The Association set itself the following goals

  1. To advance psychotherapy in Israel.
  2. To advance the professional skills of practitioners.
  3. To adhere to professional ethical standards.
  4. To advance the public’s understanding of psychotherapy and related issues.

We seek to advance these goals by organizing conferences and seminars, by encouraging research and theoretical work in the field, by encouraging both the publication of academic works and providing forums for their presentation and discussion, and by involvement in activism and legislative issues related to psychotherapy and its role in society.

Rules and Regulations of the Organization


Visitors to the site are encouraged to contact members of the Board of the Israeli Association for Psychotherapy at any time by sending an e-mail to:

Association Office Secretary: Ms. Shosh Gutentag
Address: The Israeli Association for Psychotherapy, P.O. Box 926, Kiryat Ono 55108, Israel. Telefax: +972-3-7369051. E-mail: iapsych@013net.net

We invite members of the Association to be active visitors to this website, to receive updates about planned activities of the Israeli Association for Psychotherapy, to read/hear/watch a variety of lectures from past conferences, to react, relate, and submit professional articles to the site. We also invite new members to join the association. We aim to become a fruitful and lively home for members who engage in the work of psychotherapy.

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